Zwischenräume, Berlin, 25, 26 and 27 September

International art show 25, 26 and 27 September 2020

Zwischenräume comes to ROSALUX, Berlin

Zwischenräume is a group exhibition at ROSALUX art space in Berlin that brings together artists from non profit art foundation Debysaysyes with different mediums and backgrounds, but all with small sized and therefore accessible works. No less than twenty seven artists from six different countries, including Germany, will participate. The exhibition will open Friday 25th September at 3 pm and will close Sunday 27th September at 6 pm. Visitors are welcome to see and acquire the art works. All necessary safety precautions have been taken.

The exhibition

Participating artists are Christiane Ainsley (FR), Vivian Ammerlaan (NL), Joan van Barneveld (NL), Karin Beyens (BE), Bram Braam (GE), Paul Corvers (NL), Hadassah Emmerich (BE), Toussaint Essers (NL), Karen Foss (GB), John Francis (FR), Madlen Herrström (FR), Hella van ’t Hof (NL), René Korten (NL), Elfie Kristiana (BE), Erwin van Krey (NL), Franz Licht (GE), Annika Lochtman (NL), George Meertens (NL), Ulla Pedersen (DK), Benyamin Perry (NL), Jan van der Ploeg (NL), Anne Roorda (NL), Steffen Schiemann (GE), Erica Scheper (NL), Aimée Terburg (NL), Chris Vanderschaeghe (BE) and Witte Wartena (GE). Curator is Berlin based art historian Cigdem Caglayan.

The exhibition takes its inspiration from French philosopher Olivier Remaud‘s essay Voluntary Solitude that is circling around the art of being alone. What are we looking for in solitude? Zwischenräume invites the viewers to question their own desire for loneliness and seek a silent dialogue with oneself. The often uncanny, yet dreamy artworks frame the experience of self-inflicted isolation. The exhibition, originally planned to open March 2020, had to be postponed till September 2020 due to Covid-19, giving the chosen theme even more relevance and urgency. After months of the ongoing pandemic and lock-downs worldwide, the concept of self-inflicted solitude is no longer just a theoretic possibility and free choice for individual liberation – but a repressive and/or solidary duty that has been addressed to the world population as a whole. The art will be shown in a completely different world than originally anticipated.

Opening hours

Friday 25th September 2020

3- 6 PM

7-10 PM

Saturday 26th September 2020

2- 6 PM

Sunday 27th September 2020

2- 6 PM

A series of interviews with the artists will be shown on the vernissage day.





ROSALUX is an artist-run space in which artistic production, presentation and reflection take place independently of commercial or institutional criteria. Its main objective is to follow, support and present the latest developments in terms of research and artistic practice. ROSALUX believes in the artist-led approach in contemporary art and sees the image as hospitality and the Other as a chance. Intellectual curiosity, openness to the Other and the constant exchange of ideas and visions allow us to grow. Since 2007, ROSALUX has shown works by more than 280 artists, 33 of whom presented their first solo exhibition in Berlin, to which a significant number will added in this group exhibition.


Debsaysyes is a fairly young Dutch based non profit art foundation dedicated to making art flow. The ultimate goal is to help more artists make a living of their art and more people to see and buy art. To achieve this Debsaysyes challenges professional top artists to make small works and offer them at prizes up to €500,– thus making them available for a broader art loving audience. We call that big artists, small works. Debsaysyes can be found online on, facebook and instagram as well as in exhibitions and art events in several countries. In cooperating with ROSALUX and enjoying their artistic hospitality, Debsaysyes takes an important step towards spreading the works of its artists throughout Europe.