I have always a subjacent, undergroundish idea about how things will take form when I work. I know I am working on transformation of a kind. It is a slow motion version of ideas. I am interested in traces. Sometimes I am starting a work as Alexander Cozens (1717-1785) did, sometimes I am following traces in my mind.Traces and prints because of the story or the history, dots and spots because of the hazard. I like those elements together or not. To draw is to clarify an idea, at least one. Dreaming, drawing, walking are compatible activities that are important to me. I like the possibility of working wherever I am. I work the «positive/negative», black on white and vice versa, or monochromic, a process of duality. I am interested in spaces, opened landscapes, citymaps, oceanmaps, brains, magical processes, places where people live, walk, pass by or where no one passes or ever go. I work from collected stones, shells, fossils in the nature as well as natural elements that I qualify as formless as the sky, the days and nights… From those mineral, aquatic and temporal combinations I develop connexions to construct personal intuitions.

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