Exploration of the circle

The outset for my art is the investigations of the circle. I explore contrast and lack thereof. Both in regards to color, form and place. I carefully consider every single piece of art both in its uniqueness as well as a part of a series of related investigations. I multiply a single base form, analyze its potential in various constellations. The circle is where I start. I use methods as cutting, layering, masking, displacement and repetition of form or non-form. I cut circles, but never in circles. I use the circular form and I am taking advantage of both the positive and the negative forms and clippings. I use what I cut. I test new angels in every piece of art I make – and I attack in a new way each time. By juxtaposition of color, I create a dialogue or contrast. I use unclear colors in contrast with clean and pure ones. It is not only the forms and colors I investigate, but also the materials. I explore the potential of my art on different materials – canvas, wood, paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, acrylics etc. By dragging shapes onto other materials I can work in multiple dimensions. I am concerned with tension or balance in every piece, and explore relationships. Also here governs the contrast. With the awareness of these artistic rules, I aim to challenge the exception….. Always.
Ulla Pedersen

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