Entries by Erwin van Krey

Servi van Grinsven

The first thing that strikes you about the work of Servi Van Grinsven is that it does not offer itself to you on a plate. The viewer is obviously required to do some looking and thinking. But let’s be clear, this is visual art. The art is what you see. The visual factor is fundamental. […]

Paul Corvers – A Composed Silence

Paul Corvers (‘s-Hertogenbosch, 1953) attended the Academie voor Beeldende Kunsten St. Joost (the Academy of Fine Arts St. Joost) in Breda in the early eighties. He started his education in 1977, the year in which the Neue Wilden, a neo-expressionist movement in Germany, was founded. Corvers sees himself as a painter, so his initial fascination […]

Unique offer last Camion photos Aimée Terburg

Let’s pause for a moment. All of a sudden the photoproject by Aimée Terburg from 2007 with hundreds backsides of trucks (Camions) is more topical than ever. Trucks you often encounter on the road but never really pay attention to, unless they drive too slowly. Photographed during their break to catch your eye. Diesel fumes. […]

Special donation by Franz Licht

Franz Licht is an extraordinary artist. He never sells his works. He only gives them out as a donation, on loan or on permanent loan. So that he likes the initiative of Debsaysyes so much, that he asked if he could donate a work for us to sell is a really one of a kind […]

You’re not alone

The Easter days will be different this year. Reason for us to build a new online exhibition. Easter without art is impossible. It’s a duo exhibition with works by Barry Camps and photography by Paul Brouwer. An idea we’ve had for some time now: their works seem made for eachother. Barry is Debsaysyes artist from […]

Christiane Ainsley joins Debsaysyes as new artist

Debsaysyes is very proud to announce the participation of Christiane Ainsley as new artist. Her works represent an exiting new spectre of art tor the foundation. In essence what Debsaysyes is about: small but very internse. Christiane Ainsley (Valleyfield, Canada, 1955) graduated in visual arts from the University of Quebec in Montreal. In 2001 she […]

‘Attending’ by Witte Wartena now available as book

Representing a scene of a past moment, is the principal thought in the works of the Dutch artist Witte Wartena in his series »Attending«. Exhibition is captured as a situation. The focus of the works are people and events, which can be identified by the work titles and the name register. Witte Wartena’s works invites you […]