International photo exhibition

May 19th – 22nd and 27th – 29th 2022

And did the world turn in Rotterdam…

 Van de Camp & Heesterbeek

As the world turns was a group exhibition organized by Debsaysyes in collaboration with the House of Photography Rotterdam during Rotterdam Art Week 2022. The exhibition sho- wed works by 24 international top photographers. Jessy Koeiman, visual artist, visual artist and programme maker Collective Learning at Art Institute Melly, is the curator of this exhibition.

Together, the artists highlighted similarities between body and environment. And who better to in- vite you to perform the opening than Lisa van Ginneken, who is the first transgender person in the Netherlands to sit in our House of Representatives on behalf of D66? Her speech touched the many attendees clearly, visibly and audibly. The struggle she experienced during her own transi- tion process. The reaction of people she loves. The importance of continuing to draw attention to this theme, with a place in her heart for art. The tears and applause made it clear that many people present agreed with her. With each artist present, she took the time to see the works and to give substance to the theme.

 Lisa van Ginneken during her opening speech, flanked by (R) curator Jessy Koeiman and (L) Debsaysyses chairper- son Jacqueline Grubben.

 Curator Jessy Koeiman also gives her vision on the theme of the exhibition.

The exhibition

Jessy Koeiman captures the malleability of our existence in this exhibition through various styles of contemporary art photography. We are talking about our bodies, about western beauty ideals, cul- tures and misconceptions. Our body, our story. With all the freckles, wrinkles, scars and other per- fect imperfections, it tells us who we are, who we want to be. Our existence seems malleable, but beneath the surface it swirls. We dream about landscapes we’ve never been to and feel the heat and cold on our skin. Where does the environment start and where do we stop? We connect our- selves to nature, but where are we at home? Are we one in our existence on earth or are we tur- ning in the wrong direction?

Really good art on your wall

The exhibition woth works by Zan van Alderwegen, Vivian Ammerlaan, Jesse van den Berg, Ange- niet Berkers, Peter Blok, van de Camp & Heesterbeek, Dale Grant, Madlen Herrström, Willem van den Hoed, Jacobien de Korte, Hilde Maassen, Sevilay Maria, George Meertens, Opoku Mensah, Christel Mitchell, Annabel Oosteweeghel, Astrid van Rijn, Janita Sassen, Izaak Slagt, Joran van Soest, Remy Tilburg, Helma Vlemmings, Sabine van der Vooren and Esmee van Zeeventer attrac- ted a lot of attention. We counted more than 750 visitors over the two weekends. And fortunately, many visitors are also tempted to buy one or more of the works. After all, that’s what Debsaysyes is pursuing. Making more artists live off their work and enabling more people to hang really good art on their walls.

During the finnisage, important news was announced. After two very successful exhibitions in the House of Photography, we have decided together that there will be no third edition. This offers the House and us room for new plans and new locations. Keep following us to find out what those plans are going to entail. We now know one thing for sure: our upcoming exhibition is in Marseille, France, from 26 August to 4 September 2022. See you there…

Pictures by Izaak Slagt, who also participated in As the world turns.