The photographs of Hans Defer (Ostend, Belgium 1968) are the subject of a series of manipulations, using various apps and filters. He constantly reworks older versions of his work, rephotographing or photocopying them again and again. Sometimes he buries them in the garden until they’re almost completely disintegrated. After these processes, something totally else emerges. Images from a dream or a parallel world. Fascinated by the concept of alternate realities, Hans Defer wants to create gateways or windows to other places. While he paints and draws during the day hours, photographs and video are night time activities. In his small studio during the small hours, the boundaries between realities blur. Transfixed in an inner space. Slowing down time, making replicas of events that never happened. A past that doesn’t exist. Destroying his memories of the original context of the image by adding noise and distortion. His approach is more influenced by punk rock and noise music than by traditional art.

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