The Crux of Harris’ work is painting and drawing from observation “en plein air”.
Anything can be a subject, the goal being to find the remarkable in the everyday.

Harris: “I use ink as it in itself is a quick and direct medium, there is no reverse. I observe and then try and c
apture moments, not so much landscape as a timescape. These quickly realised paintings and drawings are in themselves large sketches in my attempt to respond to the different moments one sees over a period of about 3 hours. Stay too long and the atmosphere is totally different.”

Jim Harris studied at Bristol poly in England with a short interlude in Montpellier France. He lives and works in Amsterdam since 1991. He had his first solo exhibition in the Stedelijk Museum in Zwolle in 1995 and then again in the Stedelijk museum in Kampen in 2013 and the Morat institution for Art and Art Science Frieburg in 2017. His work is included in manynational and international collections, such as Aegon Art Collection, Akzo Nobel art foundation and the Dutch Royal family.

Over the last two years Harris has been artist in residence at the Dooyewaard foundation in Blaricum having received the Espinette Studio Award in 2018.