A recurring theme within Poromaa’s varying art projects is urban space, where city environments are viewed and organized as surfaces that can be arranged perceptually as well as produce responsiveness on an emotive level. There is something deeply human in the outlook of his pictures, which more often than not is stressing the presence of a person by enhancing its absence. Rather than portraying actual events that take place in a certain scene, and therefore stand in relation to the flow of time, he chooses to depict his motifs “out of time”, or as traces of a moment that has just passed. Thus he uses the urban landscape to paint a picture of everyday life as it has already happened, as well as devote it to his studies through a conceptual, textural and formalistic approach, as geometric shapes combined in order to achieve compositional perfection.

Samuel Poromaa born 1960 in Kiruna, Sweden, now living in Stockholm. Holds a Master of Fine Art from his studies at The National College of Art Craft And Design, where he studied painting at the department “Bild och Miljö” between 1984-89. Samuel has his roots in traditional techniques, and he devoted himself to this during the 90’s with several exhibitions both in Stockholm and in the rest of the country. Today his focus is photography and mixed media project, such as digital painting, photomanipulation and other digital projects.

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