Servi van Grinsven

The first thing that strikes you about the work of Servi Van Grinsven is that it does not offer itself to you on a plate. The viewer is obviously required to do some looking and thinking. But let’s be clear, this is visual art. The art is what you see. The visual factor is fundamental. We are not looking at philosophical works, but at enigmatic works by someone whose chief concern is the eye and what it sees and perceives.

Enigmatic, because there is nothing overt here, certainly nothing anecdotal, and one is not even sure what one is seeing. What are we looking at, a plane with openings, or objects on a plane? Questions like these lead one closer and closer to the painting, in an attempt to see what is really going on. The main result of this is that you become aware of the surface – the canvas, the paint, the removal of paint. So when you step back again, to gain the perspective of distance, the enigma is only more profound.(…)

Gregory Ball

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