Special donation by Franz Licht

Franz Licht is an extraordinary artist. He never sells his works. He only gives them out as a donation, on loan or on permanent loan. So that he likes the initiative of Debsaysyes so much, that he asked if he could donate a work for us to sell is a really one of a kind opportunity.

His work deals with the different manifestations of concrete art. It offers pronounced references to color fields and hardedge painting, as well as architecture. He prefers to work serially and his focus is on conveying clarity and the execution of highest quality of craftsmanship. Franz Licht does not focus on the interpretation of his works, but rather on sensing, perception and the experience of viewing.

The work that is now for sale at Debsaysyes is called DSY20, was made for us in 2020, acrylic on fibre board, 20×20 cm (7.88×7.88 inch), framed and signed at the back.

The special Debsaysyes price is €250,-. That is inclusive of shipping in Europe.

When buying this work, you not only get a great piece of art that would otherwise not be attainable, you also support our non profit foundation in making art flow and allowing artists to show and sell their work. An ambition that is ever so important in these crazy times. To keep in line with Franz’ idea of donating his work, we offer the buyer to select a charity of choice, to which we will donate €100,–.

Franz Licht was born in 1961 near Karlsruhe. He is a selftaught artist who now lives and works in the north of Germany. For more works, please check www.franz-licht.de

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